Monday, June 6, 2011

Some last news

Fuck the last message, I have some news: I was wondering why no one made a P-51 Mustang yet... So, the idea was to create one myself. This idea came up about a week ago, when I was scrolling pages on GTAGarage and there was no P-51 Mustang. I was to lazy then to create a model...
Now I have spend some time on this plane, because I could find some spare time. I grabbed some textures from the internet, now trying to make them fit. I'll show you some pics of the textured model in a new post, when it's completely finished.

The P-51 Mustang so far.
I know everyone has been waiting for this, lol :D


  1. WOW,
    dude, I tried to make one, but i don't know modeling, or converting, so a giveup
    I tried to find many times, but I never can, so you showup and do that i want, i fucking love you man -q
    Lol xD
    (Sory the bad English)

  2. Bro, there's already a P-51!

    BTW, did you pass the year??

  3. Thanks and no, haven't passed the year. Got about 7 exams, when I have good notes, I'll pass :)

    But seriously, I didn't know about a P-51? If you could send me a link, that would be cool :)