Sunday, July 17, 2011

My SA-MP Server!

Zonoya gave me the idea to create my own server! So today I took a look on the SA-MP website and downloaded the tools I needed. I did some vehicle placements and that's ehm, practically all I did today :P
Tomorrow I'll work on it a little more, just for fun purposes. But my broadband can actually get more than 60 people in my server... :O


Four Beagles at the entrance
Four Stuntplanes (DR-1 mod) at the hangar
Four Dodoes and a Beagle at the end of the airport.
There also are three Nevadas and an AT-400 at the AP, but I didn't take pictures of them.

A variety of planes and helicopters near the Radar tower.
And some more planes near the (smaller) hangars.
Also on this AP there are some Nevadas and an AT-400, but again no pictures of these planes...


Random planes near the hangars.
Some choppers and two Stuntplanes.
A random bunch of aircraft.
Two Nevadas, one Cargobob and a Beagle at the back.

Now the most updated area: The Militairy Zone (A69 and VMA)
Lots of Hydras, a few other aircraft and some Militairy vehicles (needs some more militairy stuff)
A few Rustlers and some Hunters (there are more, but not on the picture)

So far, this is everything on my server. I have to do a lot of things, like scripts and a login- and admin-system.
Sorry for choosing night time, but I had no time left anymore. (:

PS: Longest message ever :O

Server info:
Name: No Solid Name Yet [Testing]
Server status: Mostly inactive, why: Because this server is still under construction.

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