Monday, August 8, 2011

[WIP]Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress

Well, not the B-29, but this time it is the B-17G. Spend a lot of time on it, just because I was looking on the internet (there was no B-17...) and I have had a few requests for this plane.
It uses the 4prop ASI made by Weirdest New Order, and replaces the Andromada.

Currently still working on the bomb hatch, that would be awesome :D


- Transparant glass
- Detailed model
- Four moving propellors

And what has to be done:
- An interior (this will be v2.0, since it will cost me a lot of time)
- The bomb hatch (cancelled, only possible with a script...)

And of course some minor bug fixes!
- Steering is inverted when taxiing ( weird :| )
- Some textures need to be fixed
- Some textures don't show up
- The gear doesn't retract very well, but I'll play with the pivot a bit :P

I might release some more pictures or a video soon.


  1. When is the Lancaster going to be made/finished????

    I really hope you make/finish it really soon and the spitfire can be converted from FSX to GTA SA.
    (you can get the spitfire from if you want and IF YOU CAN convert it to GTA SA. Thanks mate.

  2. Thanks for creating the B-17, I have been looking for one for FSX (Flight Simulator 10) for at least 8 MONTHS, but for GTA SA, I never thought it would happen.

    Cheers mate.

  3. I have a couple of request's if you wouldn't mind,
    can you make a Halo Reach pelican dropship and a World war 2 Type 440 Wellington Bomber, which is a twin engine medium bomber made by the British.
    If you can make these please do as you wish.
    One more thing, please make or ask someone to make a cleo mod that allows you to pick up and drop cars.
    Thanks and good luck with the mods you are making.

  4. The Cleo mod to pick up and drop cars is ment for the pelican dropship mod, sorry for not saying that.
    Cheers mate.

  5. No idea when I am going to finish the Spitfire (MK.I) and Lancaster. For both I have made a model, but I have no good textures... I will release some pictures of the Spitfire soon. I might have to use the textures I made myself and they aren't very nice...

  6. What if you download one of the Spitfire's and/or Lancaster's from Simviation and convert it from what Flight Simulator it is for and convert it to GTA SA? If you know how to do that of course.
    Cheers mate.

  7. Lol, everyone can convert a model from another game. But I prefer scratch-made, because it is a nice way to spend my time (I have too much spare time). Maybe I will release some pictures today.

  8. Thats good but I ment that you get the skin of the aircraft. Sorry, I didn't know you like starting from scratch but the pictures, I would like to see them when there posted.
    Sorry and thanks.
    Cheers mate.

  9. No problem mate ;)
    I found a rubbish free Spitfire model eith relatively nice textures, I might use those.
    And thanks a lot for your comments!

    PS: You may always add a name! I appreciate that a lot :)

  10. Thats Alright mate and my name is James.
    Thanks. Cheers mate.