Monday, August 22, 2011

[WIP]Sopwith Camel

Here you go, just a small preview after about 1,5 hours of work on the Sopwith Camel. I expect the model of this plane will be finished in about 30/40 hours. Then the texturing will have to be done, which will take me (if I am lucky) about 5/10 hours. Then the whole 'converting' part will be done, which will not take longer than 15 minutes.

Red parts have been done so far.

3D model view of the finished parts.
Only a small question came up in my mind: "What plane...?" I was thinking of the Stuntplane (reminding the DR-1 made by Chong McBong which uses a CLEO to shoot), or maybe the Rustler (so it will be able to shoot without a script and can be used in SA-MP). I prefer the Rustler (since I play in SA-MP more often), but you may always vote! The vote is placed under the related-blogs-list.

Edit: The Rustler version will be made anyways, but the highest-voted plane will be made too!

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