Wednesday, August 10, 2011

[WIP]Supermarine Spitfire (MK.I)

The plane that won the war! (Well, with some help, haha :D)

A picture of the model I just finished. Lots of time I've been working on her, now the texturing has to be done... I don't like texturing.
But well, what has to be done, has to be done. I hope I can finish this plane soon.
The last version I made crashed your game, so I had to remake this thing. D:
The result became even better, that's the good part of the story :)

Together with the Avro Lancaster (yes, I am still working on it), this will be an awesome combination!


I still have to decide what Mark it will be... I chose for MK.I, anyone problems with that?
(my blueprint was for MK.I, but otherwise I will have to add/remove some parts...)

And ehm, funny thing to know: The first prototype Spitfire flew on my birthday's date!


  1. Hay thats a very sweet plane modle you,ve got here and what do you mean that the first version crashed our game?
    Thanks. Cheers mate.

  2. Well, the first version I made (which looked crappier than this one) would have crashed GTA:SA everytime you would start it. I have been checking everything at least twice, but I couldn't find a problem. The only solution I had was to do a remake of the whole model. After I have tested this model, I will do the texturing. And if it makes GTA:SA crash again, then I will delete this thing from my computer and just download a model somewhere. Not gonna make this thing for a third time.

  3. I know that problem, did you try rebuilding the archive of GTA SA? That was part of the reason why it happend to me, it happend because I was using SAMI and not IMGTool2.0. One annoying question, are you on facebook?
    Thanks and hoped it helped.
    Cheers mate. James

  4. Yup, tried that already. Who cares, the new model works fine!

  5. Thats great that its working. The good thing is that it works, and you dont have to convert one over to GTA SA.
    Thanks. Cheers mate.

  6. cool i love this plane
    if you need any help (small litte things :P) you can ask me :)

  7. I just thought of something, what if you make a 2 seater Spitfire. All that needs to be changed is the model so that it looks lik a 2 seater, you could change the handling, cfg whatever you change to make a vehicle have more or less seats.
    I thought of this because there is 2 seat spitfires but they where modified to have 2 seats.
    Thanks. Cheers mate.