Sunday, August 28, 2011

[WIP]Focke-Wulf FW-190A-9 "Kängaru"

Not scratch-made this time, it's a free model I found on the internet. I will convert and release this plane soon, I do not expect a lot of bugs.

The model is fully textured, which makes it so easy to convert, it saves me the texturing part.

Here's a picture:
Yea, it's a cool plane!

Maybe I will add some parts, so it will have a few more detailes. The details of this plane are a little bad.

And some news about the Sopwith Camel: I have almost finished the model! The only missing part is a detailed cockpit, which I will make ASAP! After that, I will release this plane and we can fly the pure beautyness of World War One!
Status Edit: it is time for the finishing touches!

To-Do List:

- Detailed Vickers Machine Guns
- Detailed Cockpit
- Detailed Propellor
- Detailed Engine

And then we are done!

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  1. please friend i wanna the second version of bf-109 please hurry