Monday, March 7, 2011

After I finished the 'WIP-mods'...

Well, I've got plenty of work for now!
The voting for the B-29 SuperFortress has been closed, the Nevada won. I will now complete my work and upload it. But after this, still two other big projects remain; The Grumman WWII Planes and The Messerschmitt WWII Planes.
About the Grummans:
I've got an almost fully completed Grumman G-21A Goose, it has a few bugs left now. I also almost fully completed the F4F. The F4F will replace the Stuntplane and/or the Cropduster. You might be asking me: Why not the Rustler? Well, that's because I cant fix the landing gear problem... I am sorry =(
About the Messerschmitts:
I've been working a little on the BF-109, and I have now completed all textures on this one. I'll make this plane replace the Rustler, since they have pretty much in common. Also, I have put the machine-gun at the front of the plane, near the cockpit. This was where the guns were on the real BF-109, wich made it a very deadly plane =D
I have not been working on the rest of the planes, but I'll be working on them soon =)

I also made a list of possible future projects, for after I finished all remaining WWII mods:
Here are the possible projects:
- The Mitsubishi WWII Planes (Japanese planes, like the A6M 'Zero').
- The Junkers WWII Planes (Nazi planes, like the JU-87 'Stuka').
Single aircrafts:
- The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress. This was a US Heavy Bomber during WWII.
- The Boeing B-24 Liberator. Also a US Bomber during WWII.
- The Boeing B-52 StratoFortress. This was a US Heavy Bomber, used in the Vietnam War.
- The Avro Lancaster. An RAF Heavy Bomber used in WWII.
- The Halifax. An RAF Heavy Bomber used in WWII.

Maybe I'll set up a vote, so you can vote what you would like to see first =)


  1. Can I Vote for :

    -Junkers Aircraft
    -B-17 Flying Fortrees
    -Avro Lancaster

    Thanks :)