Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The WWII projects

I do really love WWII planes, they are fascinating!
So, here are the WWII Plane projects I started:

1. The Grumman WWII Planes.
This features four planes so far, the F4F Wildcat, the F6F Hellcat, the F7F Tigercat (a very unknown plane to most people) and the G-21A Goose.

2. The Messerschmitt WWII Planes.
This features three planes for now, I am planning to make more after I finished the Grummans.
The planes that are on the list right now are the BF-109, BF-110 and the ME-262.

3. And of course, the huge B-29 SuperFortress!
This is the largest plane I have been working on so far. I downloaded a model from SketchUp first, but it seemed not to fit. So I decided to use the usable parts (tail and engines) and designed most of it myself. I also added a chrome layer, which looks awesome :D

This is the official first post on this site, and I'll post a new one everytime I made progress from now on. Check out this blog often, there will be more screenshots of progress here than on GTAGarage. I also hope to get some more features to this blog, like a gadget where you can post a small mail on this blog :)


  1. What about the P-51D mustang :D

  2. this maybe old, but WHY EVERYONE FORGOT ABOUT B-17? (that was a nice plane) can u make it pls?