Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Bit Too Late...

A little too late, but as promised, here it is. It's the Junkers JU-87 'Stuka' or Sturzkampfflugzeug, in German. It means 'divebomber'. With it's slow speed it was an easy target to most allied fighter planes, but the Stuka was a devastating bomber. It also had a psygologic siren effect, allied soldiers said it was the most terrifying sound during WWII. 
I made a Stuka model, here are some preview pictures:
Left side view

Front view
Rear view

Keep in mind, this is only a preview. I still have to do a lot of modeling on this plane: make everything spin and move properly, finish some texture details and so on. So enjoy this preview, I now have to focus myself on the texture problem with TXD Workshop (Version 4.8), it sais 'TXD Corrupt'...

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  1. you could also add the BK-37s and ask someone to make a script to fire them,it would be great!