Friday, March 11, 2011

Junkers JU-52 Preview

Especially for SkylineGTRFreak! But of course everyone may enjoy this preview :D
Well, it's just a preview, I will need to improve this model, bet hey, I've put a lot of work in this plane :)
Here are my preview pictures:
Front View

Rear View

Left Side View
I myself think it's looking pretty good now, but I will improve it :)
All parts should be working, only one prop stays still... But, maybe SkylineGTRFreak's future four-propellor script can fix this :D
PS: Tomorrow I will upload some pictures of the JU-87 'Stuka'. A medium bomber used in WWII, by the German Air Force (Or 'Luftwaffe', auf Deutsch :P)


  1. a nice one, looks great :D hope the script s finished soon and works... well, weirdestneworder is doing it, not me, so we'll see^^

  2. is it finished? were can I download it?