Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dedicated to Thijs

This is not a very happy message, but according to me it has to be written.

About half an hour ago, a very good friend of mine passed away.
His name was, as the title says, Thijs. He was only 15 years old. He had a lot of hobbies, like playing basketball and electronics. He also was a funny person, he always had a lot of jokes with which he made you laugh. I am really going to miss him, real hard...
So I would like to say the following to him: I hope you are fine up there, and that you can see that I am going to miss you. Now rest in peace, we will meet again!

And I hope all people reading this understand that the following week(s) no more mods will be created... I will be online, but will not work on my mods.

Only the U-2 mod will get a new skin, with a dedication to Thijs. I chose the U-2 because it's able to fly high in the sky (70,000 ft), so he will be able to see it.

Marijn van der Leer, Holland.


  1. gecondoleerd,ik weet het als je het hebt gelezen in je chatbox wat je door maakt...

  2. :( sorry for your loss

  3. Well, after i read that, you made me kinda' sad and proud, because you were the mate who standed for him, also you posted HERE in an official blog, that he died...

    R.I.P for him, hope you understand that he won't come back and that you will meet him upside again.

    You got my word.


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